Bruce (lihan161051) wrote,

Another dominionist custody raiding incident

I've known for some time that single mothers who live non-traditional lifestyles often have to be careful about those lifestyles impacting their outside lives and custody of their children, but it's taken a disturbing new turn.

The tactic that I've seen developing over the past couple of years, which I've started to call "custody raiding", is most often used against single mothers in alternative or neopagan communities by dominionist relatives who use the children as a means of harassment, intimidation, and to some extent, coercion. It seems to be a very consistent strategy of filing custody suits strategically timed to force the mother to choose between a critical work or school related task and fighting for custody of the child in court, and centering on bizarre allegations such as "witchcraft" (a common thread with IRD takeovers of liberal/progressive churches by dominionist cell-church groups) or frivolous accusations of drug abuse, prostitution, and so on based on nothing more than the presence of piercings or tattoos or even the presence of insufficiently "Christian" posters or other items in the house. Usually the suits are backed up with outrageously punitive temporary restraining orders that make it almost impossible to comply with the terms of the order without sacrificing a career or a college degree in the process.

There are elements of this scam that put me in mind of the "Satanic Panic" in the 80's. This seems to be today's version of it .. low profile, out of the spotlight (they did at least learn that lesson), away from the media and focusing less on mass persuasion and more on taking out "rebellious" women one at a time, using the modern dominionist strategy of cutting the weakest and most vulnerable ones out of the herd and going after them in private, and hijacking the legal system to harass and "punish" them out of sight and behind the scenes.

And it's happening a lot, if I know of at least two specific instances firsthand .. and it's not reported at all, as far as I know, or if it is being reported, it's being grossly underreported, possibly out of fear of retaliation. So I'm being careful not to mention names or other identifying data, to protect people I very much care about. But I have to write about this because there are few things that fill me with more rage than this kind of cowardly bullshit and I do not take kindly to people messing with my friends' lives. And I will do everything I can to make sure it stops. You can count on that.
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